PPDT Sheet

Jitin Kumar

November 27, 2013

This is a sample PPDT Sheet, a similar sheet will be given to you in your SSB Interview. To help you understand it better we have numbered it and explained each and every part. Click Here for Printable Version of PPDT Sheet

You all are going for the purpose of becoming an Officer and hence we suppose that you knows what you have to do with the No.of SSB, Age, Date etc.

1. In this box you have to mark all the characters which you have seen in the picture. You are required to mention their sex, age and their mood. For male write "M", "F" for female and if you can't determine the gender of the character the write "P" which stands for person. Mention the approximate age in numbers for example 26 and for mood use mathematical signs "+" for positive mood "-" for negative mood and "0" for neutral mood. A sample is done for you and at times you will be asked to encircle the character whom you seen first but you must listen to instruction if they asks you to encircle then only do that.

2. Here you have to mention the aim or the summary of you story in one or two lines.

3. This space is for writing story, you must write you story in at least 100 words and if you requires more space then you can use the back side of the page also.