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Which is your favorite subject and Why?

This is one of the popular question asked in many Interviews conducted around the world. This question is aimed to judge your ability to comprehend the things that you like.

Significance of this Question

By this question the Interviewer will get to know that how well you know about the things in which you are interested. If you are interested in a particular subject then you must be aware of something that many others don’t know or at least have knowledge about basic things of that subject.

Why that particular subject is your favorite

If you like something then there has to be a reason and the reason must be a logical one. For example if you like physics then the reason might be that you are interested in knowing how things work and the science behind various activities happening around us. If your favourite subject is Maths then if formula of volume or area is asked then don’t make funny faces that you know it and can’t recall.  

You need to find the reason as per your individual choice, there can’t be a standard answer for every subject.

Don’t just name any subject for the sake of replying

You must be ready for some questions from the subject that you have mentioned as favourite and that questions will be some basic questions and a person of average intelligence must know. If you mentioned physics as favourite subject and you don’t have any idea about law of gravitation then it will not leave a good impression on the interviewer.

What if you don’t have any subject as favourite?

If there is no specific subject that attracted you then it’s better to say that there is not specific favourite. It is better to say that you have no favourite subject than naming any random subject and failing to answer basic questions from that subject.

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