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Difference B/W Permanent and Short Service Commission

Many times you read in a newspaper or hear form your friend that Army/Navy/Air Force has published advertisement for Permanent Commission (PC) or Short Service Commission (SSC). So, have you ever wondered what PC and SSC are?

Now, a days there is an increase in candidates showing their passion towards defence forces and most of them are aware about the difference between these two entries but if you don’t know the difference between these entries, then don’t worry we are here to help you understand the difference between these two entries.

Now, let us discuss both of these entries in details i.e. Permanent Commission (PC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).

Permanent Commission Short Service Commission
As the name suggest there is something permanent through this type of entry. So if you get selected through Permanent Commission entry then you have the option to serve your nation up to the age of retirement which is 60 years as of now. Its entirely your choice weather you wants to continue your service up to to the age of Sixty or you wants to retire earlier. Through this entry you will be having 10 Years of Initial Service. That technically means that you will be on an initial contract period of 10 years which can be further extended for 4 more years subject to your medical fitness and service record. So, through SSC you can serve for a maximum period of 14 years. Generally all entries for women are of Short Service in Nature.

So, its up to you which entry you wants to opt for.

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