Travelling Allowance Rules for SSB Interview

by SSB Guru

May 17th, 2013

Indian Government will provide you the charge occurred in your traveling to and from the SSB Center. Apart from that candidates are provided with free Food, Accommodation, Boarding and Lodging facility. How ever there are certain rules under which Travelling Allowance (TA) will be paid to you.

1. TA is applicable only once for both type of entries i.e. Permanent Commission (PC) and Short Service Commission (SSC) irrespective of service (Army, Navy or Air Force). That means if you appeared for TGC entry of Indian Army then you will not be given TA for AFCAT entry of IAF if you opted for Permanent Commission; however you can claim TA for SSC entry.

2. Original Travel documents are required for claiming TA. In case of E-Ticket you Must take print out of E-Ticket.

3. You are entitled for AC 3 Tier only even if you travel by any Higher class, but if you travel by Sleeper Class then you will be paid TA of Sleeper Class.

4. You will be given money not ticket. Ticket has to be booked by you.

5. If you traveled by Air or Bus then also you will be given money equivalent to AC 3 tier class of Train.

6. TA is admissible for the shortest distance only. That is if your permanent address is in Delhi and you travel from Delhi to Allahabad then you will be paid TA for Delhi to Allahabad but If your permanent address is of Delhi and you started your journey from Lucknow then you will be paid TA from Lucknow to Allahabad.

7. You are entitled to TA for both sides; if your ticket costs Rs. 700 then you will be paid Rs.1400 as TA.

8. It your traveled by multiple trains or by a combination of train and bus then you have to mention it in your TA form to claim the charge.

9. Internet reservation charge is not included in TA.

10. All rules are same for AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) also.

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