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Hobbies and ECA Questions

Hobbies and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) are one of the important part of our life, every one of us have some hobbies or interest, at Service Selection Boards IO will ask you questions related to your hobbies and Extra curricular activity which you performs.

There are a range of hobbies like coin collecting, stamp collecting, making structures with scrap items and a lots more, you must write your own hobby and if you don’t have any hobby till yet then start doing something as you will enjoy it too.

Extra curricular activities includes dancing, singing, drama and many more but you must mention those things which you can answer easily and perform if asked.

Don’t write anything for just sake of filling the form, if you are not sure of a particular thing then never do a mistake of mentioning it otherwise IO will screw you up.

Hobbies and ECA Questions

No one can tell you what question will be asked from you regarding your hobbies and Extra curricular activities but we can tell you that if you have done the particular activity in real and with full dedication then you can easily answer the questions. So, rather than thinking about questions start doing that activity.

For example once a candidate said that his hobby is reading about animals on internet, then IO asked him 10 names of dog breed. In another example a candidate wrote that he likes dancing IO asked him what are types of dances and which all you can perform. So, our motive from these examples is that you will be asked question on the topics which mentions and if you can’t answer those questions then even you might not recommend yourself.

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