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Questions In Conference

Questions in conference of Service Selection Boards are generally asked when two of the assessor have found you to be suitable for Recommendation but any one of them thinks otherwise. Then the President of the board will ask him the reason on which he feels that this candidates should not be taken, then in that case they verifies the finding of that assessor through some question which they will ask you in Conference Hall. If you answered the questions in the way as they wants then you will be recommend otherwise better luck next time.

Those who are clear pass and those who are not fit for Defence by their performance in this particular attempt will/might also be given some General Questions. Only the doubtful candidates will be asked some Specific questions.

We have classified the questions asked in the conference in two types one is General questions that are asked to all candidates and other are Specific questions which are asked specifically to particular candidates on whom any one of the assessor has a doubt.

General Questions

  1. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB.
  2. What you will do if you are not selected this time?
  3. Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days.
  4. How was your stay, food and accommodation here in last 5 days.
  5. How many friends you made in these last five days?.
  6. Why you were not selected in your previous attempts? (Specially for Repeaters).
  7. What all places you visited of the city in which you Board is Located. (this question could be specific also)
  8. How would you rate your performance in terms of GTO, Psychology and Interview. (this question could be specific also)

Specific Questions

  1. They might give you a situation and will keep cross questioning on it.
  2. They can ask you to organize a football/annual day or any other event, generally that which you have mentioned in your PIQ Form.


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